Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The end of the soccer season for 2012 was a success. Maxwell is currently playing for the Ranger acadamy and his team won the tournament. In his U8 age group there are 4 teams. They practice as a team a couple of days a week and then they play games against the other teams in his age group. As he gets older his team will start playing against other club teams but for now they are still learning and developing their skills. They played super in the finals this week and took home the trophy. He is learning and growing so much and has truly developed a love for the game, just like his Daddy!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bobble head boy

Graham will be 3 months old in two days. It goes so fast yet seems like so long ago that he was born. He is getting so big and really interactive. He is so smiley and happy. He's kind of quiet like Kylynne was. He doesn't really babble or coo yet but we have gotten him to laugh a few times and it is so darling!
We call him the bobble head boy because he loves to sit up as much as he can but isn't strong enough to hold his head straight up all the time. He'll be doing really well and then start to wobble and bob his head. The kids think it's so funny! He loves to sit in his bumbo seat that Grammy gave us and loves all the attention he gets. When he's not getting enough attention he is sure to let us know.
He is sleeping through the night and has been since he was 1 month old. I thought for sure it wouldn't last but so far he is still doing great. We'll see if things change as he starts teething which he may be soon. Maxwell cut his first two teeth at 3 months old (the day we blessed him) and Graham is starting to get really drooly and chews on his fist constantly, so we'll see.
We sure love this litte dude and are so happy he is in our family!!

I had to include this picture because this is classic Graham. He always has his eyes open wide observing his older brother and sisters and this is usually when his head starts to bobble.

This next picture just shows how much attention he gets. The kids are constantly smothering him with hugs and kisses (not to mention Mom and Dad). Kylynne loves to get in his face and say "Hi" in the most high pitched voice, which scares him half the time. We are LOVING having another boy. Maxwell can hardly stand waiting for him to be old enough to play with. Love our little Graham the Man!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Toothless Twins

Mia and Eva have both lost their two front bottom teeth. Mia lost hers and then within a couple of weeks Eva lost hers. Love this picture, they are both missing the same tooth :)

Eva lost her first tooth at Maxwells soccer game. She was eating pirates booty and felt something hard in her mouth so she spit it out and it was her tooth. I gave her a ziploc bag to put it in but she kept taking it out to look at it and accidently dropped it in the grass. We looked and looked but couldn't find it. She was so upset about losing it so we decided to write the tooth fairy a note so she would know where to find it... and what do you know, the tooth fairy did find it and left Eva a dollar. She was SO excited!!



Love my sweet girls!!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Oceanside 2011

Every year in September for the last 5 years we have taken a family trip to Oceanside. It's become our family tradition and it is so much fun. Get ready for a marathon of pictures. I have a couple hundred pictures from the trip and tried to put mostly my favorites but there are so many cute ones.
To start our trip we headed to Newport beach and took a ride on this fun beach cruiser. Everyone was staring at us. I'm sure seeing all these little kiddo's crammed on this little car with Casey and I must have been a sight. The 3 girls in the front were giggling and laughing the whole time and then Casey, Maxwell, Graham and I were in the back. I wore Graham in the baby carrier and Casey and I peddled. We had lunch at the super delicious pizza place Bj's... Um, can I just say pazooki, yummmm!!

After the bike ride we had to get treats at the taffy shop behind the bike rental. If you're ever in Newport beach and are looking for a place to rent bikes Balboa bikes was the best price and the owner gave all the kiddo's candy for free and let us take as much time as we wanted on the cruiser.

We happened to be there over Labor day this time and so most of Casey's family came down to Oceanside and hung out with us. We played at the beach and pool and had a bbq that night for dinner. We miss being close to the Waldron clan and were so happy they came down to spend time with us.

Uncle Brandon and sweet little Lola

Maxwell and Cousin William looking at the sand crabs they caught

Silly cousin William

Lunch time... it was really cold on labor day, we even got a little rain.

Uncle Brian knows how to put these boys in their place

Auntie Jackie and Kylynne


Cousin Karen

Love this!

coming back from the pool

We spent a day at Sea World this year. It was a lot of fun up until all the power in southern California went out. The power went out just as the Dolphin show was starting so we didn't get to see that or the Shamu show. Luckily they gave us passes to come back another day so we're hoping to go back in December when we're there for Jeff and Karlas wedding. The best part about the whole Sea World day was when they realized the power wasn't coming back on anytime soon they started handing out ice cream and popsicles from each of the little ice cream stands. We all ate our weight in ice cream that day and were we ever sick!!

Cutest face ever!! She was so sad that she couldn't go on the rides because she's not tall enough

More time at the beach

and of course the boys had to get in their traditional baseball game on the beach
Another thing we do every year is end the week with a delicious home cooked meal. We always get a bunch of crab legs and bottled orange cream, rootbeer and cream soda to drink and the kids love that they get their own bottle. Eva's the only one that doesn't like crab legs so Casey made some yummy bbq chicken for her then we sliced up some watermelon made some rice and corn on the cob... Yum!!
It's always so much fun and always goes so fast. This year was a little more chilly than the last couple of years but it was still super fun! We hope that this tradition will last through the years and that it's something we can always look forward to doing as a family.

First Day of School

Maxwell started a week earlier than the girls did. I don't know why they have the kindergarteners start later but it was really frustrating for the girls because they were so ready for school to start. They would ask me everyday after Maxwell started when they were going to go to school. We have the girls in seperate classes and it has been so good for them. I am excited to see how they will grow as individuals as they spend time apart and build their self confidence and identy as a person and not just as a twin.
They all have really great teachers and are doing really well. We just had our first parent teacher conference for the year and it's awesome to see how much they have learned in such a short amount of time. They have all grown so much this year... where does the time go!